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Programs Description:VUNG TAU RESTAURANT
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Comment: Food is subject to contamination from vermin.x0dx0a

Minor Violation Cited - K01 - Inadequate demonstration of knowledge; food manager certification
Site Observation:
Nine food handler cards are expired. [CA] Provide valid food handler cards as soon as possible.
Minor Violation Cited - K05 - Hands not clean/improperly washed/gloves not used properly
Site Observation:
Food server did not wash hands after using/touching personal cell phone. [CA] Employees shall wash their hands after handling personal items, soiled equipment and utensils, and before returning to any food preparation area.
Major Violation Cited - K07M - Improper hot and cold holding temperatures
Site Observation:
Cut tomatoes container stored on preparation table measured 57F at preparation area. In the kitchen area, teriyaki chicken container measured 87F, raw shrimp 66F, raw chicken 67F, cooked noodles 68F, and shredded pork 77F. [CA] potentially hazardous foods must be kept at 41f or below and at 135F or above when hot. Avoid temperature danger zone between 41f and 135F. At these temperatures bacteria grow and multiply faster and can cause foodborne illness outbreaks. [COS] PIC transferred food containers inside walk-in refrigerator.
Major Violation Cited - K08M - Improperly using time as a public health control procedures & records
Site Observation:
In the preparation table, raw sprouts container measured 62F and cooked noodles 68F. According to PIC, food facility is using TPHC. Labels were observed on food but no written procedures were observed. [CA] When time only, rather than time in conjuction with temperature is being employed for controlling the safety of potentially hazardous foods,
1- food must be marked to indicate when it has been outside of temperature control for 4 hours
2- food not marked or marked over the 4 hours limit, must be discarded
3- food shall be either served or discarded within 4 hours after it has been removed from temperature control, and
4- WRITTEN PROCEDURES that ensure compliance with this requirement shall be maintained in the food facility.
[COS] PIC stated that food facility closed at 2:00 pm, therefore, PIC put a discard time on the product.

Major Violation Cited - K14M - Food contact surfaces unclean and unsanitized
Site Observation:
Soft drink nozzles have black mold like accumulation at food server area. [CA] To prevent cross-contamination, ensure to clean and sanitize soft drink nozzles regularly to prevent build-up. [COS] PIC cleaned and sanitized nozzles.
Minor Violation Cited - K26 - Unapproved thawing methods used; frozen food
Site Observation:
employee is thawing pork meat improperly i ( in standing water, and a large batch on the drain board) at preparation area. [CA] Frozen potentially hazardous foods must be thawed using an approved method:
1- under refrigerator
2-completely submerged under cold running water of sufficient velocity to flush loose particles
4- in the microwave oven
5- during the cooking process.
[COS] Employee completely submerged pork meat under cold running water.
Minor Violation Cited - K30 - Food storage containers are not identified
Site Observation:
In dry storage area, rice is stored inside a large pan without a lid. [CA] To prevent possible food contamination, Provide approved containers with tight fitting lids to store dry goods.
Minor Violation Cited - K35 - Equipment, utensils - Unapproved, unclean, not in good repair, inadequate capacity
Site Observation:
grocery bags are used to stored food inside walk-in refrigerator. [CA] To prevent cross-contamination, remove food from grocery bags and ensure to provide approved containers to store food inside walk-in unit.
Cardboard used to line drawers in preparation area. [CA] Remove all cardboard from drawers to prevent possible harborage of cockroaches or other unwanted insects.

Coding cutting boards are scratched and scored in the preparation area. [CA] Re-surface all coding cutting boards, or provide new cutting boards.

Several large plastic colanders are used as a food storage in walk-in refrigerator. [CA] Provide only NSF (Certified Food Equipment) containers to store food
Minor Violation Cited - K36 - Equipment, utensils, linens: Improper storage and use
Site Observation:
Two small CO2 cylinders are stored unchained in the dry storage next to the soft drink syrup storage. And one CO2 unchained in the bar area. [CA] CO2 cylinders must all be chained to the wall or rigid structure.
Minor Violation Cited - K40 - Wiping cloths: improperly used and stored
Site Observation:
Wiping towels are stored improperly in the whole food facility (preparation tables, kitchen, food servers area, bar area, hostess area) at time of the inspection. [CA] When not in use, wiping towels must be stored inside an approved sanitizing solution of Chlorine at 100ppm and/or Quaternary ammonium at 200ppm. Check sanitizer concentration as often as necessary to ensure proper levels. This method helps in killing the bacteria that contribute to foodborne illness outbreaks.

Minor Violation Cited - K44 - Premises not clean, not in good repair; No personal/chemical storage; inadequate vermin-proofing
Site Observation:
Employees personal items (3 purses, 2 sweaters) stored on top of produce container. A cell phone is stored next to the single-use containers, and a pair of tennis shoes are stored in the dry storage area. [CA] provide lockers or an employee personal storage area for employees personal items and ensure the area assigned for storage is away from food, cleaned equipment and utensils, linens, or single-use articles.

Minor Violation Cited - K01 - Inadequate demonstration of knowledge; food manager certification
All food employees shall have adequate knowledge of and be trained in food safety as it relates to their assigned duties. (113947) Food facilities that prepare, handle or serve non-prepackaged potentially hazardous food, shall have an employee who has passed an approved food safety certification examination.
Minor Violation Cited - K04 - Improper eating, tasting, drinking or tobacco use in food preparation area
No employees shall eat, drink, or smoke in any work area. (113977)
Minor Violation Cited - K07 - Improper hot and cold holding temperatures
Potentially hazardous foods shall be held at or below 41/45°F or at or above 135°F. (113996, 113998, 114037, 114343(a))
Major Violation Cited - K09M - Improper cooling methods
All potentially hazardous food shall be RAPIDLY cooled from 135°F to 70°F, within 2 hours, and then from 70°F to 41 °F, within 4 hours. Cooling shall be by one or more of the following methods: in shallow containers; separating food into smaller portions; adding ice as an ingredient; using an ice bath, stirring frequently; using rapid cooling equipment; or, using containers that facilitate heat transfer. 114002, 114002.1
Minor Violation Cited - K10 - Improper cooking time & temperatures
Comminuted meat, raw eggs, or any food containing comminuted meat or raw eggs, shall be heated to 155°F for 15 sec. Single pieces of meat, and eggs for immediate service, shall be heated to 145°F for 15 sec. Poultry, comminuted poultry, stuffed fish / meat / poultry shall be heated to 165°F. Other temperature requirements may apply. (114004, 114008, 114010)
Minor Violation Cited - K14 - Food contact surfaces unclean and unsanitized
All food contact surfaces of utensils and equipment shall be clean and sanitized. (113984(e), 114097, 114099.1, 114099.4, 114099.6, 114101 (b-d), 114105, 114109, 114111, 114113, 114115 (a, b, d), 114117, 114125(b), 114135, 114141)
Minor Violation Cited - K28 - fruits and vegetables not washed
Raw, whole produce shall be washed prior to preparation. (113992)
Minor Violation Cited - K30 - Food storage containers are not identified
Food shall be stored in approved containers and labeled as to contents. Food shall be stored at least 6" above the floor on approved shelving. (114047, 114049, 114051, 114053, 114055, 114067(h), 114069 (b))
Minor Violation Cited - K35 - Equipment, utensils - Unapproved, unclean, not in good repair, inadequate capacity
All utensils and equipment shall be fully operative and in good repair. (114175). All utensils and equipment shall be approved, installed properly, and meet applicable standards. (114130, 114130.1, 114130.2, 114130.3, 114130.4, 114130.5, 114132, 114133, 114137, 114139, 114153, 114155, 114163, 114165, 114167, 114169, 114177, 114180, 114182)