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Facility Name:DIM SUM KING
Programs Description:DIM SUM KING
Latest Inspections:
Minor Violation Cited - K06N - Adequate handwash facilities: supplied or accessible
Handwashing soap and towels or drying device shall be provided in dispensers dispensers shall be maintained in good repair. (113953.2) Adequate facilities shall be provided for hand washing, food preparation and the washing of utensils and equipment. (113953, 113953.1, 114067(f))
Minor Violation Cited - K23 - Observed rodents, insects, birds, or animals
Site Observation:
Observed couple of drain flies in the facility including the restroom.
[CA] Eliminate flies from the facility by properly storing the wet/soiled wiping towels and drying wet mops towels in addition to keeping the floor sinks and the floor areas always clean, neat, and dry.
Minor Violation Cited - K27 - Food not separated and unprotected
Site Observation:
Inside the fridge, raw food products were stored above ready to eat food products.
[CA] Store all raw food products below ready to eat, produce, or cooked food products.
Minor Violation Cited - K32 - Food improperly labeled & not honestly presented
Site Observation:
Some of the packaged food products stored on the self-serve area do not have a proper label.
[CA] All food products in self-service area must have name, address, and contact phone number of the packager, and size and ingredient of the food products.
Minor Violation Cited - K36 - Equipment, utensils, linens: Improper storage and use
Site Observation:
Garbage collection bin was blocking the handwash sink in the kitchen.
[CA] Make the handwash sink easily accessible for employees to wash hand.
Minor Violation Cited - K38 - Inadequate ventilation and lighting in designated area
Site Observation:
A fryer pan is used to fry food outside the exhaust hood.
[CA] Cooking of any food product must be done under the exhaust hood.
Minor Violation Cited - K39 - Thermometers missing or inaccurate
Site Observation:
There is no properly functioning probe type thermometer in the facility.
[CA] Provide/use properly calibrated thermometer in the facility.
Minor Violation Cited - K40 - Wiping cloths: improperly used and stored
Site Observation:
Couple of wet/soiled wiping towels were stored on the counters.
[CA] Store all wet/soiled wiping towels in a bucket that has standard sanitizer concentration: 200 ppm quaternary ammonia or 100 ppm chlorine.
Minor Violation Cited - K44 - Premises not clean, not in good repair; No personal/chemical storage; inadequate vermin-proofing
Site Observation:
Open cup employee drinks were observed in the cooking area.
[CA] Employees may only drink with covered cup container in food preparation area with a straw.

Employee cloths and shoes were stored inside the restroom.
[CA] Store all employee belongings in designated area.
Minor Violation Cited - K45 - Inadequate floors, walls, ceilings: built, maintained, clean
Site Observation:
Excessive food residue accumulation is observed on the floor below the cooking table and equipment stands.
[CA] Clean the floor area regularly.