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Facility Name:LEMONADE
Programs Description:LEMONADE
Latest Inspections:
Minor Violation Cited - K01 - Inadequate demonstration of knowledge; food manager certification
Site Observation:
Not all employees food handler cards are available for review
[CA] - Each food facility that employs a food handler shall maintain records documenting that each food handler employed by the food facility possesses a valid food handler card, and shall provide those records to the local enforcement officer upon request
Major Violation Cited - K06M - Inadequate handwash facilities: supplied or accessible
Site Observation:
Front handwash sink is blocked with seaweed salad and paper towel dispenser is empty. At all handwash sinks, paper towels not stored inside dispenser, wrong paper towels were provided and do not fit inside dispesners.
[CA] - Maintain all handwash sinks fully stocked and accessible at all times. Paper towels shall be maintained in dispensers
[SA] - Sink cleared and paper towel rolls provided next to handwash sinks.
Minor Violation Cited - K07 - Improper hot and cold holding temperatures
Site Observation:
Inside reach in refrigerator (next to ladles) several foods measured above 41*F. salami 47*F, feta 44*F, and turkey 49*F. It appears that the unit was not turned on, however employee stated it was on one hour prior. Maanger stated electrician was working on panel this morning.
[CA] - Maintain cold potentially hazardous foods at 41*F or below.
[COS] - Refrigeration unit was turned back on, unit now provides 41*F or below. All foods will be used during lunch rush.
Minor Violation Cited - K27 - Food not separated and unprotected
Site Observation:
Found seaweed salad thawing under running water in front handwash sink
[CA] - Do not use handwash sink for food. Use designated food prep sink for foods. All food shall be separated and protected from contamination.
[COS] - Food moved to food prep sink
Minor Violation Cited - K34 - Warewashing facilities: not installed, maintained, or used
Site Observation:
Quat sanitizer test strips not available
[CA] - Provide Quat test strips to check sanitizer levels in warewash sinks and buckets. Shall be maintained at 200ppm
Minor Violation Cited - K39 - Thermometers missing or inaccurate
Site Observation:
Lack of thermometer inside reach in unit (next to ovens). Inside far left refrigerator (across salads) thermometer was in the far back.
[CA] - An accurate thermometer shall be located to indicate the air temperature in the warmest part of each refrigeration unit and shall be affixed to be readily visible.
Minor Violation Cited - K41 - Plumbing unapproved, not installed, not in good repair; improper backflow devices
Site Observation:
Observed leak under spray wash basin in warewashing area
[CA] - All plumbing and plumbing fixtures shall be installed in compliance with local plumbing ordinances, shall be maintained so as to prevent any contamination, and shall be kept clean, fully operative, and in good repair. Eliminate leak

No violations were cited at this event.

No violations were cited at this event.

Minor Violation Cited - K01 - Inadequate demonstration of knowledge; food manager certification
Site Observation:
Food handler cards not available for review
[CA] - Ensure all food employees have food handler cards. Keep records of all employees' food handler cards.
Minor Violation Cited - K35 - Equipment, utensils - Unapproved, unclean, not in good repair, inadequate capacity
Site Observation:
Found water pooled on bottom of refrigerator holding lemonade (next to walk in)
[CA] - Clean refrigerator. Ensure refrigerator is working properly.
Minor Violation Cited - K36 - Equipment, utensils, linens: Improper storage and use
Site Observation:
Observed carbon dioxide soda tanks unchained
[CA] - Secure all pressurized cylinders to a rigid structure

Utensils stored in warmers (next to hot rice) measuring 123*F and 129*F.
[CA] - When using hot water for utensil storage, water shall be maintained at 135*F or above. Utensils and container shall be cleaned and sanitized at least every 24 hours or at a frequency necessary to preclude accumulation of soil residues.